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I love when i see a real estate sign that says "Please contact Paul Najafi" Please son. How do you get Paul from Aynullahe baba karam? MLIP.


Areh! Your Life Is Persian (343) - Na Baba! Your Life Is Not Persian (125)

Jan 7, 2013 03:20 PM - Work - by hiyah! (Female)


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#1090 - Apr 8, 2013 05:40 AM by mohammad.rahmani
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#1143 - Aug 19, 2013 01:28 PM by KiMiYa
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my dear friend got a great job on the radio but her name was Persian and her boss told her to think about picking another name that would sound more English. She asked her baba to help her think of one and went off to work. when she came home that night, he was very excited to tell her he had been thinking of a good name all day and finally picked one: Banefshodeh. (which of course always comes up underlined). she changed it to Tina.

#1170 - May 25, 2014 11:14 PM by leskandari
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