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Emrooz I was listening to z100 Saturday night remix with my mom. All of the sudden a really dubstepy part comes on and she turns up the volume and starts snapping her fingers ghering in her seat. MLIP



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Today, My Mamanbozorg was explaining to my American Aunt about how the Iranian government is bad and how they kill people and so on. Her english isn't very good so she mixed up the word I and they. For a good 5 minutes straight she was explaining how she raped the people and killed the people of Iran. My Aunts face was priceless. MLIP.


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Emrooz i was talking to my baba, of course he starts talking about my grades and i ended up saying, "well thats bullshit" he reacted by taking a fruit knife, pointing it at me and telling me he will carve my heart out because I'm acting GHETTO.... i responded saying uhm your threatening me with a knife? and I'M ghetto? then i ran for my life.



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When life gives you lemons.....let them dry out in the sun for a few days and voila! Fresh "limu ammani" for your next batch of ghormeh sabzi! MLIP



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Today, I got into a fight with my older brother. The fight ended with me telling him to shut up. My dad suddenly turned around to yell in a thick Persian accent, "DON'T CALL YOUR BRODER SHAT UP!!" MLIP



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My moms side of the family hates my dads side...MLIP



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Today I went to the doctor, my mom whispered to him to tell me that I am allergic to dogs so we don't get one.MLIP.



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